Freedom Formula


Make sure you're in a focused state of mind to get maximum results.


Take copious notes to help you achieve the goal-FREEDOM!


Write down your actions, start doing them NOW, and set a completion date.

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Season 1


Episode 101


Episode 102

Epic Ending

Episode 103

100 Percent

Episode 104

Permission Granted

Episode 105

The Rules

Episode 106

Only 5 Percent

Episode 107

Stranger Danger

Episode 108

The 20% Rule

Episode 109

I Need Your HELP!

Episode 110

The Peanut Gallery

Episode 111

I Don't Have Enough Time

Episode 112

It's the Perfect Time

Episode 113

The Lone Ranger

Episode 114

The Mirror and the Window

Episode 115

Are You a SME?

Episode 116

Big Dream Little Problems

Episode 117


Episode 118

Is Failure Final?

Episode 119


Episode 120

Don't Be a Copycat

Episode 121

Fast Money vs Slow Money

Episode 122

Magical Numbers

Episode 123

Can You Eat a Chicken in
One Bite?

Episode 124

Get Rich Quick Scheme

Episode 125

50 Year Proposition

Episode 201


Episode 202

Perfect Partners

Episode 203

My First eBook

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